The role of AI in recruitment

Artificial intelligence has become a prominent technology in the world of business. Its ability to learn and adapt to ongoing conditions makes it a valuable tool. This is due to the role it plays in business resiliency and continuity. But, it’s about so much more than that. It’s a flexible solution that allows for the automation of certain business processes. These processes need to be straightforward and lack creativity or decision-making. Having said this, the question we are asking is: What is the role of AI in recruitment?

The ability for software to follow processes and learn while doing so is useful. This is helpful when it comes to sifting through data or job applications. There’s no denying that the recruitment process involves hours spent on admin work. Manually processing each application takes up unnecessary time. This becomes more frustrating when half of them are nowhere near suitable.

Role of AI in recruitment

Simplify the recruitment process with AI.

Making the most of AI in recruitment

Let’s consider the recruitment process for a second. A vacancy becomes available, a job listing posted and applications submitted. These applications are then vetted and sorted according to relevance. Once completed, applications are reviewed to compile a shortlist for the interview process.

Now, let’s zoom in on the applications. We live in a world where jobs are scarce. People are bound to take a chance and email HR in the hope that they put forward for any available position. These resumes are then mixed in with the “real” applications. After hours of processing a mixture of resumes, things slip through the cracks. To prevent this from happening, AI steps in.

The software used to manage recruitment should is customisable and easy to use. This means that you should be able to automate the recruitment process. This also ensures that only relevant applicants reach the HR department. This is done by specifying certain requirements for each vacancy. For example, Adobe could be a keyword or specification for a graphic design position. You could even go a step further and include location, experience, and qualifications. The more specific you are, the more likely the software will find a suitable candidate.

The role of AI in recruitment? Time savings.

When it comes down to it, the biggest thing AI can do for the recruitment process is saving time. HR professionals don’t need to sort through hundreds of applications, applicants are not called in for interviews when they are unsuitable for the position and the business is able to focus on investing in the right people.

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