Understanding machine learning

The question you may be asking yourself is, what is machine learning? Machine learning is a form of artificial intelligence that involves having applications and systems learn as they complete tasks. This process of continuous learning allows the application to predict behaviour and make changes where necessary. As a result, tasks are performed more efficiently and accurately.

Of course, this is not an overnight process. Machine learning is an ongoing process, one that may seem slow to start. However, it will very quickly turn into an important business tool.

What is machine learning?

Machine learning allows your business to automate and improve on existing processes.

How does the process work?

Algorithms, which are essentially steps that need to be followed by a programme to complete a process, are trained to look for certain things. In most cases, this involves recurring patterns and features. This is then used to predict certain outcomes. The more detailed your algorithm, the better the chances that the predictions will be accurate.

Let us not forget that the process of machine learning needs a starting point to base its learning off on. In most cases, you can use pre-existing data to implement this. You can then monitor the progress and intervene when necessary. As the algorithm becomes more accurate, you may find the need for intervention becoming less and less while the predictions become all the more accurate. Patience is key during the early stages of development. But rest assured, this patience will pay off in leaps and bounds before you know it.

How can this be used in the real world?

There are so many real-life applications of machine learning in our day-to-day lives. Digital assistants such as Alexa and Siri make use of this technology to simplify your life while streaming sites and websites are able to predict movies and music based on your previously streamed data.

Spam detectors and computer security software make use of algorithms to detect unwanted activity and eliminates it before it becomes a threat. All of these processes take place behind the scenes while we make requests about what to have for dinner or which series to binge-watch next.

The potential for this technology to grow and further improve our lives is astronomical. The foundation is already in place to ensure that we have access to information relevant to the task at hand without having to lift a finger. How cool is that?

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