Tips for choosing the right RPA software

Businesses need to stop wasting time on tedious, admin-related busy work. When implemented, robotic process automation (RPA) can address them. Of course, choosing the right RPA software may need a bit of work.

Tedious, boring tasks affect productivity as well as staff morale. No one wants to spend hours processing data and filing paperwork. RPA software solutions can take over these tasks. These bots can take on and complete pre-determined tasks. In fact, any job with a clear structure and rules is suitable for automation. Typical examples include filing forms, sending messages, processing data, and compiling reports.

How to choose an RPA solution for your business.

Eliminate tedious tasks with RPA

The correct RPA software will give your business the tools to automate tasks. For example, financial institutions use RPA systems to process due diligence investigations. This is done before onboarding new clients. Additionally, it can determine the correct product offerings. It also stores information and data for easy retrieval at a later stage.

Implementing RPA solutions

RPA solutions pull data from existing IT services. This is either done through back-end processes or from the front-end as a human would approach it. This will depend on the system you have in place, sometimes you cannot access the back-end. RPA solutions also make use of machine learning to further streamline operations.

Once data extraction has occured, it will go on to complete the task. In most cases, it will apply rules and guidelines to processes. It can also generate reports, send invoices and generate payments where necessary. The bots are capable of performing tasks with very little human intervention. We recommend auditing systems to ensure that they are working as they should.

Benefits of using RPA

Saving time
Reduced errors
Tasks performed more quickly
Increase team capacity

The role of humans in RPA

An RPA bot receives the instruction, defined by a human. Once the instruction has been given, the bots will start completing tasks. The instructions can be changed to meet new business needs.

A proper monitoring system needs to be set up and maintained. This requires human input which is where an IT department will need to step in.


Choosing an RPA solution

The ideal RPA solution should be:
Easy to setup
Easy to use and handle
Function using low code
Requires minimal attention
Machine learning functionality
Easy to integrate with software
Data mining capabilities

If you are ready to get your RPA journey, contact us today. We’ll have one of our team members contact you to determine your needs.