Using RPA to automate business processes

When you decide to use Robotic Process Automation (RPA) you need to consider a lot. The first thing you will need to do is select the processes that you would like to have automated. To do so, you need to use a set of criteria to determine if Using RPA to automate business processes will work for you.

A process will benefit from RPA if it is:

High volume
Mature and stable
Low variation
High ROI
Consistent method
Readable inputs

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Save time using Robotic Process Automation.

Processes worth automating


Organizations across many different industries all deal with invoices. This is an important part of business operations. Managing invoices can be tricky. More so when they come from many sources in different formats. A universal database can make managing all this data. Saving time, and reducing human processing errors as a result.
An RPA system can process all invoices received. Additionally, it can input the data, and make decisions during the invoicing processing. Robots are accurate and efficient. They are capable of getting the job done with the least amount of error possible.


This is another important part of business as it is the life force that powers it all. Proper management of systems can ensure that customers receive the best possible service. RPA can cover the entire sales process from start to finish. The system processes all data while ensuring customer satisfaction. Robots are able to reduce the time spent on admin tasks.

Accounting recon

It goes without saying that having accurate books is important. RPA can verify data and compare documents from many sources. It’s a mandatory, tedious process. Bots can automate the entire process.


This process is what the entire business revolves around. It’s rule-based and repetitive and simple enough to automate. RPA can verify employee data. It can also load confirm records from many systems and sources. It can also automate paycheque creation and manage employee benefits.

Employee onboarding

When a new staff member joins the team, there’s a lot of data that needs processing. Besides the relevant HR processes, IT also needs to step in to create the necessary new user accounts. All this is time-consuming and can be done using RPA. The same principles apply when employees leave the company.
All the processes mentioned above are ideal for RPA. But, they are by no means the only processes that can utilize automation.

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