Intelligent automation: The ideal business solution

We believe in the power of automation, however, you need the right setup to reap the rewards. This is where intelligent automation (IA) comes in.

IA is a combination of artificial intelligence (AI) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Now, as standalone technologies, they are impressive. So, imagine the possibilities when these two come together. The result is rapid process automation the drives digital transformation within the business.

Why we recommend intelligent automation

The benefits of a fully automated, self-sufficient system are impressive. To start with, something that has become a more pressing business need in recent times is business flexibility. This implies the ability to adapt to change, for example, a pandemic that drives the work from home movement. You need to have the correct systems in place to facilitate this. RPA is incredibly useful in this context, as it is able to learn and adapt to changing conditions. This is, of course, driven by the use of AI technology.

By using IA, you can digitise almost any business process. This removes barriers to information and ensures accessibility across board. Business data is therefore safely stored, organised in an easy to understand manner and easily retrieved.

Easily access business data with intelligent automation.

Additionally, these systems can take or certain processes previously done by humans. This frees up time and letting staff focus on their core responsibilities and not on mundane tasks. These systems are also a lot more thorough and accurate, preventing errors from creeping in or misplacing important data.

Another important aspect is the ability to improve customer experience. Chatbots are a fantastic way to respond to customer needs 24/7. These responses are personalised and offer a more helpful response. This increases the chances of making a sale while building positive customer relationships in the process.

IA is a single platform that integrates cognitive technologies to produce innovative solutions.

IA in the real world

Let’s consider a real world example. Global healthcare systems are currently facing a lot of strain. As a result, many sick people are not receiving treatment for their illnesses. By using IA that features natural language processing, healthcare providers are able to easily and effectively collect data and analyse it. This leads to a quicker diagnosis as well as treatment plan. Additionally, remote consultations have become the new normal. This facility uses chatbots to compile patient information that can then be used for diagnosis. Patients do not need to leave their homes for assistance and receive quicker medical attention. In a world battling a pandemic, this distanced approach is very much welcomed.

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