Understanding process automation

Have you ever found your business – and staff – overwhelmed by tedious tasks? Those admin nightmares put off until the last minute… Or finally sorting out the file room… To ensure that these tasks are completed regularly and efficiently, process automation is implemented. This means that instead of having your team spend valuable time on busywork, these processes can be completed using process automation technology.

Process automation

Reasons to automate processes

When it comes to digital transformation, automation is the first step on a journey of transformation. It all starts with identifying one process to automate and expanding on it. Automated processes force you to reexamine each component of the system – both human and digital – to design the system. This will also determine the employees instrumental in the system update. You will also need these individuals to train staff members on how to use it.
Process automation allows you to gain insight into your business. It also finds ways on improving existing processes. Once implemented, you will be able to track the effectiveness.
In doing so, you streamline operations and standardise processes. It will also give you access to valuable business insights. This also increases accountability and ensures that jobs the team completes jobs by the deadline. You can also identify wasted resources and reallocate them.

Automated business processes

There are so many business processes that can benefit through automation. These processes are repetitive in nature and completed with minimal human intervention. This includes:

New employee onboarding

While new staff members should make business easier, the onboarding process is not as simple. This process includes completing forms, conducting induction sessions, leading training sessions, compiling documents and storing information. You can automate these processes for a more streamlined approach. Automation also reduces the need for physical paperwork. It also attends to all tasks and improves productivity.

Purchase orders

Within most businesses, purchase order requests are a common occurrence. This process involves completing and submitting forms for approval. The request is processed to determine the validity and is either approved or not. This involves a lot of back and forth between departments, as well as filing a lot of documents. With automation, monitoring the progress of each request is as simple as clicking button. Departments involved can also communicate with one another within the same platform.

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