As our new Chief Delivery Officer, Greg is looking forward to our team build on their existing skills and becomes masters of their respective crafts. He hopes that his guidance instills the value of fundamental analysis techniques within each team member.

His approach to digital transformation starts with understanding the domain, followed by the problem before planning your way forward. It is an ongoing learning process, and you need to be open to it. Learning breeds mastery, and mastery builds success.

He decided to join the Syscor family because he likes our tech-niche. Our way of NOT positioning Syscor as a generic IT solution provider, but rather as a specialised automation advisory, is a very clear differentiator.

“Syscor’s engineering culture is vibrant, supportive, and positive. No solution is out of bounds or impossible. Miracles just take slightly longer.”

Technology should not be difficult, and we aim to guide our customers to that realisation

When it comes to automation, it is easy to see it as a way to save money by replacing people with computers. But this is not the case at all. Automation changes the world by giving humans the room to realise self-actualise. We should embrace the opportunity to stop doing mundane work and rather engage our limitless creative potential.

He adds to this by saying that “All processes are not created equally, and some are definitely more equal than others. Michael Hammer introduced us to the concepts of process re-engineering many, many moons ago and a key message seems to have gotten lost over the years. Improving efficiency is nice, but the real competitive advantage lies in improving overall process effectiveness. That requires an understanding of the process’ context within the larger value chain. Tools like Jacques Halle’s value analysis or even simple Eriksson Penker diagrams lead us to those realisations.”

For people looking to join Syscor

We are always looking for people who take their own skills development seriously. Someone who invests in themselves through learning and practice is a huge asset to teams like ours.

Greg’s words to live by…

If you ever drop your keys into molten lava; let ’em go, because they’re gone – Jack Handy