Citizen Coding and RPA. Is it really that simple?

In the world of automation, it’s no secret that properly implemented systems have the power to change the world of business. And while the entire process may seem fairly simple and straightforward, it begs the question, do you really need a professional to code and set up your RPA system? Is coding RPA systems really that simple?

The truth is, even with all the tech developments currently taking place and citizen coding becoming a more common practice, complex systems the facilitate automation require the expertise of someone familiar with the technology. When it comes to RPA in South Africa, we have the tools to turn your dreams into a reality.

The truth about automation

Citizen coding by definition is having a “normal” person code the programme. Now, we’re not saying that it is impossible to code your automation by yourself, this does open you up to a lot more room for error. While many articles published on the matter may lead you to believe that you can do it all by yourself, the truth is, it’s tricky.

Think about it, would you take control of the airplane when going on a trip with the family? Sure, there are simulators that you may have tried once before and it didn’t go too bad. But are you really going to risk the safety of your family for five seconds of glory? No, you would rather entrust a pilot with experience to transport your family.

Naturally, our example is a bit extreme, but it boils down to the same point. You cannot simply decide that you’re qualified to do something that you’re not nearly skilled enough to do. The risks are extreme and one wrong move could compromise the entire system. This mistake could cost a lot of money to fix and leave your business compromised until an IT developer is able to step in and fix the mess.

Partner with someone who understands

Arguably, one of the greatest benefits of automation is being able to scale it to meet the needs of your business. While your IT provider needs to set up the fundamentals, they also need to equip you with the knowledge of how to use, maintain and update the system.

Here at Syscor, we do automation. We build the initial system to get the process started and provided the training and guidance needed for you to take over the system. Even when we have finished the setup, we will always be available to answer any questions and concerns that you may have.

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