How Do You Democratise Automation?

The idea of what could happen by democratizing automation capabilities drives us. Amazing things occur. By transforming organisations, employees are happier and companies can compete in the ‘automation first’ age. Democratising automation is the key to digital transformation.

So, why democratise automation?

By democratising automation in South Africa, we’re assisting businesses in running. Our passion is making teams happier and productive. In turn, we can create better experiences for our customers.

To join us in democratising automation, you can do three simple things:

  1. Transform your business by investing in equipment. This will promote an employee-driven method to automation
  2. Make automation education available to all
  3. Crowdsource innovation and support

Transform your organisation by democratising automation

Automation is something used by your IT team and a few automations champions. Businesses already using this will know that it is a great tool. Like many other software options, it’ll offer impressive returns and increased productivity. Automation has much more potential than that. So, democratising automation is the key to recognising that potential.

Robotic process automation (RPA) can take automation to the next level. RPA has the ability to learn. As a result, automation processes can grow and evolve alongside your business. Of course, these processes will still need to follow the basic guidelines.

Thriving companies have an automation first approach, and believe:

• Perform repetitive or rules-based tasks using unattended, automated systems.

• Staff complete the complex, empathetic cognition related tasks.

• If an issue arises, employees can work out a system of addressing it in the fastest way possible.

Powering automation in business

An automation first attitude isn’t a process business owners and managers decide to do and it’s done. Getting to the point where an automation first approach is beneficial takes time. Leadership from the top-down and empowerment from the bottom up is required.

Top-down, the C-suite have to examine the business. When a process or task can is automatable, then it should be. One of the C-suite’s primary goals is removing inefficiency. C-suite is also capable of scaling automation throughout.
Meanwhile, leadership must also empower employees to power automation in all their roles.
Do you know how to uncover the “long tail” of automation ideas? It all starts when everyone is able to discuss the use of automation. These are the automation possibilities only a few can identify. For example, there are dozens of instances that an HR manager needs to manage information, including inputting data into various platforms and systems.
No leader has complete visibility into each element of their business. Start by empowering your team to embrace an automation first mentality. This will help them identify inefficiencies in their work processes. Employees with an automation first mindset can extend the benefits of RPA. With an automation first mindset, you can extend the benefits of RPA in your business.

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