Intelligent Automation and The Future of Employee Experience

As we start to think about existence beyond COVID-19, it’s integral for organizations to harness new technologies. This will allow them to future-proof their operations. Intelligent Automation promotes staff agility and improves the employee experience.

Automation and Job Security

Technological advancements have given companies access to software that enhances the skills of their workers. Instead of manually processing data, automated workflows allow companies to process information in real-time.

We’ve seen a huge acceleration in digital transformation due to the coronavirus pandemic. This acceleration brought on a lot of changes to the workforce in a short period of time. On the plus side, with new approaches and new transformations comes the potential for new jobs.

Automation doesn’t have to be a dreaded experience for your employees. This is because of concerns of job losses and robots taking over the workforce. One of the biggest challenges for a business undergoing a digital transformation is the employees’ view of automation.

Work smarter, not harder

McKinsey’s Global Institute reports that within approximately 60% of all industries, 30% of jobs can be automated due to their reliance on guided approaches.

Re-training your team to use AI-enabled Intelligent Automation platforms gives any worker the chance to learn a new skill set. This skill set can provide possibilities to work in interesting, creative roles and work smarter and not harder.

Why Intelligent Automation and not RPA

When it boils down to it, the focus of businesses needs to be about more than automation, it’s the ability to use smart automation.

Intelligent Automation doesn’t inspire businesses to cut jobs, instead, it encourages them to create them. RPA requires developers whereas cloud-based Intelligent Automation can be by any member of staff. This means that Intelligent Automation allows your business to accelerate growth, the usage of the skills and expertise of your cutting-edge workforce.

Intelligent Automation can vastly enhance the client’s experience by reducing waiting periods. This had previously had a terrible influence on consumer experience and are avoidable thanks to cutting-edge technological developments.

Using chatbots to answer inquiries that don’t require human interaction is a great way to go about this. If human knowledge and verbal exchange are required, it can be prioritised for a call-back.

Stay ahead of the competition

Employees need businesses to invest in Intelligent Automation so that they can have the chance to use their skills and knowledge instead of being left with mundane repetitive tasks.

If an organisation lets its workers flourish by placing their knowledge to use in the workplace, they will see engagement and productivity levels rise, as well as much-needed business growth.

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