Why do businesses need RPA?

So many CIOS are turning to RPA to do away with tedious tasks. This frees up workers to focus their attention on more important work. RPA is taking over, there’s no doubt about it. But RPA requires acceptable design, planning, and governance to bolster business.

What is robotic process automation?

RPA is a technology aimed at automating business processes. Using RPA tools, organizations can configure software, or a “robot”, to interpret applications. These are often for processing a transaction, manipulating data, triggering responses. It is also capable of working with different digital systems. RPA can range from something as simple as producing an automated response to an electronic mail to deploying lots of bots.

What are the benefits of RPA?

RPA provides organizations with the potential to decrease costs and reduce human error. These bots are usually low-priced and easy to install. They also don’t need customized software programs or deep systems integration. This is a few of the reasons why RPA is taking over.

What are the pitfalls of RPA?

RPA isn’t for everyone. As with any form of automation, RPA can impact jobs, which provides challenges when it comes to managing existing talent. While organizations that are embracing RPA are looking to transition many employees to new jobs, Forrester Research estimates that the RPA will impact 9% of the jobs currently available worldwide.

How to ensure the success of your RPA processes

1. Set and control expectations

2. Consider commercial enterprise impact

3. Involve IT early and often

4. Poor design along with poor change management can wreak havoc

5. Don’t fall down the records rabbit hole

6. Project governance is paramount

7. Control keeps compliance

8. Build an RPA core of excellence

9. Don’t forget about the have an impact on people

10. Put RPA into your business development lifecycle

Ultimately, there is no magic bullet for enforcing RPA. It requires a smart automation ethos that’s part of the long-term business plan. This will allow processes to become faster, with higher-high-quality and at scale.

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