Simplify HR onboarding with automation

HR onboarding is an important part of any business. This process involves bringing new team members into the fold and giving them access to business systems. This is in addition to joining important business processes. Historically, this process involved a lot of paperwork. You need to fill it in, worked through it and safely stored it. RPA has the power to simplify the HR onboarding process.

How does it work?

We provide both front and back-end system automation. This eliminates dozens of manual steps and improving accuracy. Using a highly configurable web form, data is entered and when completed it is stored in a secure repository for archival and retrieval. The process is easy. It even allows for multiple-step management approvals with signatures and dates.
Once the front end is complete, the back end begins. User provisioning can be fully automated in systems like Active Directory and the ERP with email notifications.
We use user provisioning systems to add users to these systems and then at the very end sending an email to the supervisor with the information. This is usually the username and password.

Save your HR department a lot of time

Let’s put it into perspective. Think of those movies where the intern has a ton of paperwork to process. Someone comes along and bumps the heap. The poor intern has no idea which pile had been processed and which one hasn’t, and so has to go through it all again.
Digital data sources are difficult to disrupt and are more reliable data storage options. In addition to this, online forms are easy to complete, submit and save a copy. Say goodbye to printing and paper costs, and hello to a paper-free way of getting things done.
If you’re ready to take the next step on your digital journey, get in touch. We’ll develop a strategy that will turn your dreams into a reality.