Using automation for OCR processing

RPA is a versatile system and one of the ways in which you can use it is by using the optical character recognition (OCR) engine. You can then output the information to an Excel spreadsheet. Simplify OCR processing with RPA.
You can use automation to take invoices stored in a location and put them into an Excel spreadsheet.

How do you automate OCR processing?

The tasks begin with different variables that store the data from the invoice files, generally in PDF. We then create an Excel spreadsheet template so the Excel spreadsheet will always look at the same form.

This process requires going through all the files one at a time, extracting specific information. This includes invoice number, issue date, due date, customer name, order total and any other information you want to have in your spreadsheet. An Excel action is then used to write that data to specific cells using the variable. This will include an action to move the processed invoices into an archive folder, or output directory. Always ensure that the template you created before is saved in more than one location.

Once this has all been done, you can open your automation system and run the process. Each invoice will be captured and added to the spreadsheet. As each invoice is processed, the file will be moved into the archive directory to avoid duplicate entries.

This process saves a lot of human process and effort, and it also makes sure that everything runs smoothly and correctly.

If you’re interested in finding out more about how automation can help you, get in touch and we’ll help you get the process started.