How Does Blue Prism Compare to Automate RPA?

When it comes to robotic process automation (RPA), there is a wide range of options available. From personal productiveness automation to enterprise procedure automation—all the way to the large-scale core of excellence (CoE) automation.

Personal productivity automation is employee-driven and used in tackling a couple of tasks for productiveness aspects at a personal level. Business process automation, referred to many times as BPA, is employee-driven but used to streamline enterprise strategies. This results in efficiencies and productivity features across customers and departments. At the employer level is CoE automation that focuses on complex, enterprise-wide automation. This is typically applied through consultants or highly trained users.

While these use cases are no longer collectively exclusive, it is important to apprehend and choose the best one to meet your automation needs. And that begins through understanding your automation dreams and strategies. With this in mind, let’s dig into how robotic technique automation providers Blue Prism and Automate RPA examine concerning ease of use and cost-effectiveness, and take a appear at what users have to say when comparing these solutions head-to-head.

How User Friendly and Intuitive is Blue Prism Versus Automate RPA?

Blue Prism is a large RPA company that gives smart automation capabilities. Its browser-based management room, dashboards, and drag-and-drop process automation building furnish users the capability to automate tasks. All of this is done whilst leveraging cognitive and AI capabilities.

Blue Prism provides a mix of commercial enterprise standards and programming concepts. For example, when interacting with time, users ought to recognize how and where to use Date, DateTime, Time, and Timespan. For Boolean values, Blue Prism relies on Binary and Flag, which generally choose a greater developer-centric model over user-friendly concept.

Additionally, when creating duties while working in Blue Prism, users ought to commence by way of growing an Action, then choosing MS Excel as the commercial enterprise object. A movement definition pane is then presented in which users must outline several components, including the Handle, Workbook Name, Collection, Worksheet Name, and other elements.

How does Automate compare?

In contrast, Automate affords a streamlined, greater business user-friendly model to work with. Simply, Automate has Text, Number, and Auto. When the usage of Auto, Automate infers the type based on how it’s being used so it works for Text, Number, Boolean, Date, Monetary Values, and other items. When growing Tasks, Automate gives a no-code Task Builder that is effortless for everybody to use.

For example, to work with an Excel file in Automate, users are presented with an Excel action that has a simple, without problems recognizable set of activities, such as Open/Close Workbook, Add Worksheet, Get Cell(s), or Set Cell(s). If you had been to describe what you needed to do with an Excel Workbook, the Automate Excel Activities represent the exact terms you would use to describe what desires to be done.

The real difference

While these might also seem like refined differences, the key is that Automate Task Builder stays intently aligned to the wants of commercial enterprise users. And the Automate method closely resembles what is required to describe the step-by-step technique for building tasks. In addition, Automate gives more than 600 pre-built movements that make automation available and faster to implement.

The preference for Automate over Blue Prism is obvious in subjective opinions and enterprise reports. Based on the Info-Tech Software Reviews Report, Automate ranks first throughout a couple of categories, outperforming different leading RPA providers, which include Blue Prism. Specifically associated to ease of use, Automate ranks best in Usability and Intuitiveness, with 87 percent of users rating Automate first among different RPA providers.

This is comparable to G2 reviews, where users rank Automate as best to adopt, use, implement, and most probably to recommend.

How Cost-Effective is Blue Prism Versus Automate RPA?

Knowing upfront what you are going to pay for the automation answer you buy is essential. When you come across sudden fees that reduce your ROI, it is hard to justify the extra spending. With some large RPA providers, increasing automation requires extra funding for add-on modules.

Blue Prism gives a standard, linear pricing model with upfront license costs.

And then looking at Automate

Automate RPA presents a pricing structure that is not based on tasks, but on scalability. You can install anything from one to infinity bots for significantly much less than Blue Prism.

Automate does not require corporations to pay more to further their automation strategy. With Automate, you can run attended or unattended bots with no restrictions and combine them with any software or system without the cost going up. This means there are no unforeseen changes that limit the return on investment as you widen the scope of your automation projects.

Automate offers unparalleled cost in the market and eliminates the challenges of scalability. Customers repeatedly rank Automate RPA as imperative to their success. Based on the Software Reviews Report, ninety-two percentage of respondents said HelpSystems Automate is vital to their success. Additionally, 100% say when it’s time to renew, they will stick with Automate.

How Blue Prism and Automate RPA Can Be Used Together

As you increase the use of RPA, you may discover there are a few gaps in the skills of your current solution. Automate can fill in these gaps to maximize your RPA efforts. Automate can be used alongside solutions like Blue Prism to utilise the elements of both. Organizations that favour expanded scalability, ease of use, and decreased time-to-value and implementation can also look at implementing Automate alongside Blue Prism.

See the Power of Automate RPA for Yourself

While Blue Prism affords a leading RPA solution, there are obstacles when it comes to its usability and scalability. Automate grants powerful, intelligent, enterprise-class automation that outranks Blue Prism.

With the flexibility to automate mission-critical IT and commercial enterprise approaches throughout your organization, you can leverage no-code automation. Unrestricted bots to maximize efficiencies, cast off manual tasks, reduce costs, and provide scalable automation with a top-rated RPA platform.

Look to the effective automation solution that spans people, processes, and departments. Consider Automate RPA—built and priced right for employee-driven, enterprise-wide automation.