What’s new in Automate 11.6?

We have released Automate 11.6! Here’s what you’ll see in our brand-new version.

Automate Recorder

We’ve increased our web automation competencies. As a result, customers can build automation in half the time with Automate Recorder. This video shows you how you can build, and distribute automation. This functionality works for both computers and browser-based purposes with the Recorder.

11.5 Desktop Recorder Preview – Help/Systems LLC – Linoma Software

Step Approach Provides Immediate Feedback

Examine steps as you build UI automation. This gets rid of having to wait until the release of the recording to discover a broken step.

Simplified Management and Upkeep of Recordings

Recordings can be effortlessly edited to add, modify, move, or delete steps as needed. Recordings can be re-entered to observe fixes and updates at any time.

Intermix UI and Business Logic in Recordings

The Recorder doesn’t just capture the on-screen activity. It also adds non-UI steps to the process. This includes loops, expressions, statements, and more, to create real-world recordings.

Terminal Action Enhancements

We’ve introduced aid for SSL/TLS to the Terminal functionality. This enhances IBM connectivity along with other new enhancements to the Terminal Action.

Web Browser Action Enhancements

We’ve delivered new Web Browser elements to do to make it simpler than ever to work with web pages. This includes actions like refreshing a page and navigating between pages!

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