Which Automate system is superior?

Within the robotic process automation (RPA) landscape, there are usually three automation paths. One leads to large enterprise providers that depend on consultative offerings to automate processes. These solutions can be hard to scale and commonly come with a greater rate tag. Another route leads in the other direction, offering mind-blowing low-code or no-code automation.
However, these solutions can lack complex automation functionality. In the center of these extremes is an RPA path that affords an effective UI with back-end automation.

The Freedom to Choose

While every employer must choose the right route for their needs, it is important to know where differences exist. Let’s look at two of the paths cited above. Power Automate from Microsoft provides a low-code automation tool. We’ll also look at HelpSystems Automate. This solution integrates automation workflows and presents flexibility and scalability across the business. Let’s consider three key differences between these automation options. They relate to practicality, scalability, and cost.

Going Beyond Reliance on Recordings

Choosing an automation answer to suit your desires for real-world use is critical.
Power Automate gives a solid, reliable recorder that is intuitive for users and straightforward to use. One downside is that the recordings must occur in one take. This leaves little room for process complexity. Users can’t re-enter recordings if for editing purposes. They will have to re-create them from the start. Programming is challenging to add to the Power Automate recorder, resulting in the use of the project builder.

Some of the Challenges

Some users find obstacles in mixing the non-UI enterprise common sense in the recorder. The capacity to mix non-UI with recorder steps is essential for complex recordings. For example, if you reproduce rows in a table, you must be able to use decision common sense alongside loops.
Automate gives a robust recorder and offers the flexibility to include small tasks into larger processes. With the Automate recorder, you can update, edit, and control recordings. You can add simple programming logic. This includes loops and conditional logic as well as non-UI automation.
This lets you combine recorded (UI) tasks with back-end automatic tasks. As a result, you can customize the automation to your organization’s unique workflows. It also leads to more robust rules-based decision-making. Additionally, it simplifies the administration of recordings and allows editing.

Focusing on Long-Term, Scalable Enterprise Automation

Single consumer automation is universally used and part of an organization’s automation strategy. Corporation automation is the ability to scale from a single computer to more than one. In turn, this centralizes automation across departments.
Power Automate focuses on personal productivity and excels in this area. It helps customers in moving hastily from ideas to computerized tasks. This emphasis on effectivity ensures that folks can look into automating tasks within their function. One limitation is that it is not very scalable and confined to a date.

How does Scalability Compare?

This contrasts with Automate, which requires extra time in constructing the workflow. The purpose is to facilitate long-term use and scalability that can be maintained in-house. And the best part? You don’t need to pay for custom connectors or ready for Microsoft to update connectors.
Automate presents no-code automation to rapidly start automating tasks at the single-user level. However, it also permits business customers or IT teams to build up the automation they need. This is more beneficial than trying to match their needs with an automation template.
The Automate Bot Store also presents free downloadable bots to get started with automation. These bots are customizable. Automate’s RPA functionality gives key protection features. This includes role-based, priority, alternate tracking/audit logging, and password vaults.

Relying on a Cost-Effective, Predictable Pricing Model

Knowing upfront what you are going to pay for the automation solution you buy, is important.
The Power Automate pricing looks at the range of customers and bots an organization deploys monthly. Three-tiered selections are available. Two of them focus on license by using person and the other option focuses on license via flow.

The Price Difference

One important differentiator of HelpSystems is its method of pricing. It uses a pricing model that is not based on tasks, but on scalability. Automate does not need companies to pay more to further their automation strategy. Instead, it allows them to scale without charging for extra features.
With this functionality, there are no unforeseen expenses. It even gives unlimited bots and studios with Automate Ultimate. Are you ready for unlimited automation potential?

The Ultimate Comparison

In the 2021 Robotic Process Automation Emotional Footprint Report by Software Reviews, HelpSystems received high-ranking ratings. It obtained a client journey score of 8.1 out of 10 with leading rankings in several key areas. Here we will look at a few of these objects when at once comparing Automate to Power Automate.

Ease of Customization

HelpSystems outperformed Power Automate with an 83% delight rating versus 69%.

Product Features

HelpSystems outperformed Power Automate in two key capabilities. This included Breadth of Features and Quality of Features.

Technical Capabilities

HelpSystems received impressive rankings for technical capabilities. In particular, the Ease of Data Integration and Ease of IT Administration.

Choose the Right RPA Path for Your Organization

Automate delivers powerful automation and brilliant value to customers. It is an ambitious alternative to Power Automate. It gives the potential to begin small and scale across your business.
You can use the flexibility to automate important strategies to leverage no-code automation. You can also use unrestricted bots to maximize efficiencies. They reduce manual tasks, limit costs, and offer scalable automation.

If you’re ready to take the next step on your digital journey, get in touch. We’ll develop a strategy that will turn your dreams into a reality.