RPA for SME’s or Robotics-as-a-Service is a Digital Worker that can perform the same tasks as any human worker.  It can handle anything from administrative tasks all the way through to more complex processes like onboarding new hires – while saving up to 85% of your process costs – and you only pay for the time they work. 

Imagine how much better your SME could be if you had a Digital Worker performing the functions of an entire team; like invoicing, engaging with clients, auditing, and data capture 24 hours a day, 365 days a year –  for a fraction of the cost of human resources – which the Digital Worker free’s up to perform more value-driven tasks – like growing your business. 

Syscor has just launched our RPA for SME’s (Robotics-as-a-Service) model which brings Digital Workers into SME’s on a monthly subscription, pay-per-use, cost savings-focused model.

Contact us for a free trial of our RaaS solution.

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