It’s time to cut costs – without skimping on what’s important

In the ever-changing digital world we live in, finding simple yet effective ways of managing business costs is important. So, how does Robotics-as-a-Service, or Raas, fit in, and more importantly, how can it save your small business up to 85% on process costs?

Process costs are the costs associated with running your business

This includes all the repetitive, mind-numbing tasks that get left until the last minute. They’re the continuous processes your business has, they’re predictable and they’re no longer a “people” problem.

RaaS is essentially a digital worker, ready to take on almost any task that your human workforce completes – in less time and with greater accuracy. In a world where time is money, finding ways to save yourself time, means that you’re saving yourself a ton of money in the process – depending on the process of course.

The RaaS difference

Okay, so you already know that RaaS is a machine capable of smashing out daily tasks, but did you also know that you only pay for the time that they use? This means no ridiculously high monthly fee during months where you only use the software once or twice.

As an overachieving employee, RaaS is capable of taking on multiple roles as one. As a small business or start-up, having a powerful solution like this to manage basic business processes is the ultimate lifesaver. You get the benefits of an entire team at a fraction of the price.

It can manage admin tasks, data management and even more complex processes like onboarding new hires – saving you around 85% on the costs involved. No sass, no extended tea breaks and no sick days – just a digital worker ready and able to take on the world for you.

We’re not saying no to a human team

The purpose of using robotics in business isn’t to completely replace the workforce. Instead, it is to give your team to focus on more important matters. Robots and humans will work alongside one another, picking up where the other lacks to ensure that your business survives and thrives.

Syscor has just launched our RPA for SME’s (Robotics-as-a-Service) model which brings Digital Workers into SME’s on a monthly subscription, pay-per-use, cost savings-focused model.