By 2023, it’s predicted that email marketing will account for almost $11 billion in revenue, so if you ignore email, you’re cutting into your profits.

Luckily, there are great automations out there that will make your email campaigns more efficient and easy. You don’t have to do it yourself when technology can help you get results. Email marketing automation works for you and not only saves you time but also helps to increase sales.

Plan to start with automation early

Planning your email is important for getting anywhere. Think you can just take a photo in the dark or steal it? It’s a recipe for failure.

Here are four things you can do in your email marketing and make your life easier from the start:

Use the email support API to customize your subscription

Growing your email list isn’t easy, so make sure you have plenty of places to collect email addresses. A rookie move is to have an email subscription that’s buried in a place where people will dig and look for it.

Instead, consider placing multiple registrations in popular locations. One automation you don’t want to forget is to connect an email scanner that will run in the background on all those forms. If someone tries to sign up with an email that’s incorrect, vague, or offensive, they won’t reach your list.

Set up an automated double opt-in email to increase engagement

It’s a simple practice that can weed out lukewarm or uninterested people from your list. It also prevents someone from subscribing to someone else’s email. Double opt-in means that an email is sent automatically for every valid registration. The email can welcome and thank the new subscriber, and let them know that they should confirm their interest. All they have to do is click on the special link they receive via email.

Schedule email triggers to save time

Let’s say a customer goes to a chatbot or phone support to ask a question, solve a problem, or make a purchase decision. You can set up an automatic trigger email that asks them if they were happy with the experience.

Think about all the potential for email activation. Imagine that you have been making deliveries to a customer throughout the month before sending the invoice. You can renew monthly invoices via email. Additionally, you can send receipts for monthly purchases or donations to non-profit organizations.

Plan a drip campaign to get the desired results

Drip marketing is a series of emails that target specific customers based on where they are in their various shopping journeys. You can instantly organize them based on what they did (or didn’t do) or changes in their status.

If the customer does what is required, they are removed from the list. You can use these e-mail streams to target a potential user that you’ve provided, such as a white paper, audio download, or image. If someone has signed up for a webinar or live stream, you can automate some regular emails to grow the relationship or suggest additional products that may be useful.