We use many automatic devices in our daily life. However, we often do not understand the presence of amazing technology. Here are some of the most common examples of automation in real life:

Car Manufacturing

The process of driving with a car is getting better and becoming more automated every day.

For example, in earlier times, cars depended on manual transmission systems, but in today’s world, manual transmission systems have been replaced by automatic transmission systems. AMT uses the same software platform as traditional software methods. Automatic transmissions use torque converters, while manual transmissions use clutch packs. AMT has many advantages over manual power transmission systems. Some of them include better performance, increased power, better reliability, etc.

How Do Kitchen Appliances Use Automation?

Back in the day, cooking was hard work because everything had to be done by hand. Slice, cut, mix, mix, etc. Everything was done by hand, but in today’s world, it has become easy to cook and serve. The reason is that most of the appliances we use in modern kitchens are automatic.

Consumer Electronics & Automation

We depend on many electronic devices for our daily activities. From heating food in the microwave to washing clothes in the washing machine, automation technology has become the most useful partner.

You must have noticed that when the water is fully boiled, the electric kettle automatically cuts off the power. Also, the washing machine stops its operation after a dedicated time without manually pressing the switch. These electronic devices that use microcontrollers are designed according to the requirements of the customers. Therefore, the user can relax while the smart machine does all the work.

Backup Power Sources

Backup power sources are the best example of automation. When normal electricity goes out, devices such as inverters connect us directly to secure backup power. These devices are useful because they allow the user to avoid sudden, unpleasant power cuts.