Marketers are brand builders and the voices that create a company’s identity. The marketing department plays an important role in the success of the company.

But often, these teams struggle to translate their actions into measurable business impact. Despite the many ads, blogs, ads, and partnerships that drive business, others view marketing as a drain. Instead, it should rather be seen as a valuable asset.

One of the biggest challenges for marketers today are showing their impact on the bottom line. This is how they can change that.

1. Break down silos by creating new ways of communicating and collaborating

Silos may appear on their own over time, but getting rid of them often takes a lot of effort. To break down the silos that prevent collaboration, you’ll need to create new ways of working together.

For example, organizing communications on a single platform is more efficient than chain messaging and messaging apps. Solutions like OS Services give all team members equal opportunities to coordinate communications related to work. This ensures that every team member gets the information they need right away.


2. Make building KPIs a collaborative process

When developing KPIs, they must measure the right things and give those with the right amount of “credit”. This is one of the most important things to clarify the impact of your domain. With Service OS, the construction and monitoring of KPIs are centralized and cooperative. Instead of team members managing their KPIs on their spreadsheets, all important job information and performance data are stored in one place. This gives managers the overall perspective needed to design KPIs that truly reflect the department’s performance, progress and contributions.

3. Increase performance data insights and consolidate all information on one platform

Making performance data clear and readily available is critical to the success of a marketing organization.

  • It helps you track project performance effectively and enables real-time program corrections
  • It makes the KPIs accurate and relevant for the future
  • It makes success (and failure) visible to people inside and outside the department

The key is to ensure that every team member has access to KPI data at all times. Centralized access to performance data enables everyone in marketing to update their progress and impact.

Be a marketing powerhouse

Defining your project’s impact on the bottom line is key to ensuring it gets the budget, credit and impacts it deserves. With the right tools, you can overcome all the obstacles that prevent you from doing this.