By definition, AI influencers or CGI influencers, as they can also be called, are fictional “people” who have human characteristics.

They are becoming a real force to be used in influencer marketing. Many of them appear on Instagram every week and many other brands join together to participate. futuristic marketing medium.

How do they work?

Of course, virtual influencers don’t exist in the traditional sense of the word, so how do they work? Behind each of them are intelligent creators – technical types and individuals – who are anonymous. They are responsible for growing their Instagram platforms and turning these virtual people into the international influencers they are quickly becoming.

Creators choose their appearance, fashion, and behaviour. They also decide who they hang out with, hang out with, argue with and collaborate with on Instagram. Even better, they keep the revenue generated from their brand business.

These creators edit their influencers based on their choice. So if they’ve created an effect that likes to travel, then all they need is a high-quality background image from a distance.

No one should know this trend better than brands looking to stay ahead and reach new types of audiences.

Some of the most popular activists have already crossed the milestone of one million subscribers as people around the world continue to love their “lives”.

54% of all UK consumers find businesses successful at some level. So, as “human influencers,” brands that choose to collaborate with these virtual faces will be open to a large audience and have many benefits.

The change to the brand style is another interesting thing worth noting. Those who are proactive will help customers more in their interactions. For example, if an operator makes a mistake, it may be difficult to determine when to reactivate it. As a result, the launch of the campaign may be delayed. When it comes to virtual influencers, the error can be deleted and fixed in minutes.

Like most things in life, one has to test the waters before others come in and the same thing happened in the practice of creating influencers. Some brands have begun to participate in this futures market. Global car brand Renault has created its own ambassador, Liv, and introduced us to its latest TV commercial – a pioneering move that many will soon repeat.