Syscor Appoints  Gary Crookes as New CEO: A Vision for Global Technological Excellence

Syscor, the leading Automation Advisory in Africa, has recently announced the appointment of Gary Crookes as its new CEO.

With a track record of leadership and entrepreneurial success, Gary brings a fresh perspective to the company. Known for his ability to grasp technology concepts rapidly, Gary’s qualifications from renowned institutions like MIT and the Real Madrid Graduate School as well as Fortune 300 Leadership experience provide him with a unique blend of expertise. As Syscor has a culture of promoting from within, Gary’s promotion from  within whilst still being new to the industry signifies the company’s commitment to innovation and growth. In this blog post, we will explore Gary’s background, his vision for Syscor, and the exciting future that lies ahead.

A Leader with a Passion for Technology and Entrepreneurship:

Gary Crookes, a family man and father of 2, has a deep-rooted passion for serving his community and solving human challenges through creativity and technology. He has active leadership roles in his local Church and local community development projects which often involve rugby. On the weekends he is a mini sports coach for his 2 sons.

His previous experience in leading multiple businesses and his strong entrepreneurial background make him the perfect fit for driving Syscor’s growth and success. Gary is an inventor with several patents and trademarks Globally. His inventions are in the sports industry and outside of Syscor he consults to some of the world’s leading rugby teams. With his ability to think outside the box, Gary is poised to bring a fresh perspective to the company’s operations.

Developing a Long-Term Strategy for Syscor:

As the newly appointed CEO, Gary is determined to develop a comprehensive long-term strategy for Syscor that leverages the company’s African Technology people-centric advantage and partnerships with globally leading technology firms. By combining the skills of the founders with innovative technologies, Syscor aims to deliver exceptionally valuable systems-driven solutions to the global market.

Championing a Unique Approach: Gary’s leadership philosophy rejects the notion of doing things the way they have always been done. He envisions Syscorian Systems thinking, a powerful force in the global automation technology landscape. This approach will challenge conventional norms and propel Syscor towards groundbreaking solutions. With a focus on client success, stable value-driven implementations, and substantial returns for clients, shareholders, and staff, Gary’s vision promises a bright future for Syscor.

Targeting Exponential Growth:

Under Gary’s leadership, Syscor sets its sights on exceptional growth, targeting 100% year-on-year expansion in the coming years. This ambitious goal reflects the company’s commitment to establishing itself as a dominant player in the automation technology market. By staying true to its core values and harnessing the collective brilliance of its employees, Syscor is determined to achieve unprecedented success.


With the appointment of Gary Crookes as the new CEO, Syscor is poised for an exciting phase of innovation and growth. Gary’s background in entrepreneurship, combined with his ability to quickly grasp technology concepts, makes him an ideal leader for the company. Syscor’s commitment to promoting from within, fostering a winning culture, and its African Technology people-centric advantage positions it as a formidable force in the global market. As Syscor embarks on its journey under Gary’s guidance, the future looks promising, with the company poised to deliver exceptional technology solutions and drive exponential growth.