Leveraging Automation to Optimise Operations:

A Customer Success Story. In the Advertising industry. Working with a global firm within in the finance and accounting department. 

In service of a leading global advertising company, Syscor, a service provider, was entrusted with sub-contracting SmartTech NXT to implement an Automatic Payments (AP) solution. Powered by Fortra Automate software, the project aimed to streamline the client’s financial processes over a six-month implementation period, leveraging the capabilities of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology.

The client wanted to automate Google Adwords Payments

The client approached Syscor intending to automate the task of managing Google AdWords invoices for their multinational clients. Through the RPA application, the system efficiently retrieved invoices and automatically allocated them to the appropriate clients and campaigns across the globe. This breakthrough solution streamlined the client’s workflow enormously.

2 Days per person in time saving

The impact of automation was significant. The financial controllers experienced remarkable time savings, reducing their monthly workload by approximately 2 days each. The group has 10 financial controllers who have each saved 2 days resulting in 20 days of work saved in the finance department of Incubeta.

Identified previously unknown errors

Additionally, the RPA system unearthed previously unknown errors, resulting in further time savings of 2 to 3 hours per error detected, enhancing operational efficiency. Unearthing these problems at the time of billing translates immediately to the bottom line and reduces customer and employee frustration.

Improved the overall department

Beyond the immediate benefits of time-saving, increased efficiency and stopping errors and losses the project brought about an unexpected advantage. As the client delved into their processes, guided by the expertise of SmartTech NXT they gained a deeper understanding of their business systems. This newfound knowledge empowered them to optimize various processes, extending beyond the initial process they sought to automate. The undertaking proved to be an eye-opening experience, improving accuracy, efficiency, and productivity.

The client was particularly impressed by the discovery of hidden errors, which would have otherwise remained unnoticed. This unanticipated benefit served as a testament to the value of the solution. Furthermore, the objective of automating the month-end AP process was successfully met, resulting in substantial time savings.

Collaboration was the key to success

The collaborative efforts of Syscor, SmartTech NXT, and the client played a crucial role in achieving these remarkable outcomes. By leveraging the capabilities of Fortran Automate’s software and RPA technology, the client achieved significant time and cost savings while enhancing operational accuracy.

This customer success story highlights the positive impact of collaboration and technology. The client’s journey showcases the possibilities of streamlined automation, inspiring other businesses to unlock their potential and optimize their operations.

Moving forward, armed with their optimized automation process and valuable insights gained through the collaboration, the client is well-equipped to embrace future challenges with confidence and drive. Their success story stands as a testament to the transformative power of automation and the guidance, offering valuable lessons to businesses seeking to enhance their efficiency through automation.

Prepared by Syscor Automation Advisory

Marketing Department