SaaS Management is not just an operational necessity but a strategic imperative. Recognising the unique and evolving needs of organisations, Zluri presents tailor-made pricing plans designed to empower businesses in their SaaS journey.

The Essence of Customisation with SaaS Management

Zluri’s philosophy centres on the belief that every organisation is unique, and their SaaS management needs are distinct. This belief is reflected in the comprehensive set of offerings under its tailor-made pricing plans. From foundational services to advanced enterprise solutions, Zluri caters to businesses of all sizes, ensuring they have the right tools for streamlined SaaS operations.

The Foundation: Core Offerings

Navigating SaaS Management

At the core of Zluri’s offerings is the SaaS Management package, addressing the fundamental aspects of SaaS operations.

App Discovery

Understanding your SaaS landscape is key to effective management. Zluri’s App Discovery provides a real-time view, helping identify redundant, unused, and underutilised apps.

User Management

Efficiently manage users, departments, and groups, creating a streamlined organisational structure.

App Management

Oversee app users, controls, and actions, ensuring seamless operations. Gain insights and rationalise your app portfolio for informed decision-making.

Spend Management

Maintain financial control with transaction tracking, budgets, chargebacks, and detailed spend vs. cost analysis.

Contract Management

Sync and categorise contracts, map licenses, and efficiently manage renewals and vendor relationships.


Analyse license utilisation, uncover optimisation opportunities, forecast licensing needs, and automate optimisation for efficiency.


Proactive security probes, compliance detection, and risk assessment contribute to a robust security posture.


Schedule reports, gain observability insights, access utilisation and savings reports, and enjoy custom reporting options, all supported by comprehensive audit logs.

Training & Support

Benefit from implementation support, basic customer support, and the option to add a dedicated success manager.

Scaling Up SaaS Management: Enterprise Solutions

Introducing Identity Governance

For organisations looking to scale, Zluri’s Enterprise Solutions provide advanced features and functionalities.

User Management

Extended capabilities for managing users, departments, and groups offer flexibility as your organisation grows.

App Management

Advanced oversight of app users, controls, and actions, with enhanced insights for impactful decision-making.

Spend Management

Expanded functionalities for transactions, budgets, and chargebacks, along with a deeper spend vs. cost analysis.

Contract Management

Additional features for contract sync and categorisation, coupled with more extensive actions for license mapping, renewals, and vendor oversight.


Advanced analysis tools, deeper insights for optimisation and savings, license forecasting, and automated optimisation with additional functionalities.


Heightened security features, including advanced compliance detection and risk assessment.


More robust report scheduling options, enhanced observability reports, in-depth utilisation and savings reports, custom reports, and extended audit logs for comprehensive tracking.

Training & Support

Extended customer support to 24×7, ensuring assistance when needed.

SaaS Management: Tailored for Your Unique Needs

Expanding Functionality with Add-Ons

Recognising that organisations may have specific requirements beyond the standard packages, Zluri offers add-ons for additional capabilities.

Lifecycle Management (Add-On)

  • Onboarding and offboarding workflows
  • Entitlement management
  • Basic and advanced actions with zero-touch automation
  • Mid-lifecycle automation and custom actions

Access Requests (Add-On)

  • Employee App Store for informed SaaS purchasing decisions
  • Request management with streamlined approval workflows
  • Automations and Slack notifications for efficiency

Access Certifications (Add-On)

  • Access certification with scheduled reviews
  • Auto-remediation for quick actions
  • Access audit reports and bulk access reviews

Managed Services (Add-On)

  • Customised managed services to cater to your specific needs

Your Journey with Zluri: Get Started Today

Embarking on your SaaS management journey with Zluri’s tailor-made pricing plans means more than just acquiring tools; it’s about aligning your SaaS operations with your unique organisational needs.

Contact our Sales Team to discuss your specific requirements, and let Zluri guide you through a transformative SaaS management experience. Because customisation is not just a feature; it’s a commitment to providing solutions perfectly tailored to your organisation’s distinctive requirements.