In the dynamic landscape of 2020, marked by unprecedented digital transformations, Zluri emerged as a beacon of innovation, responding to the monumental shift in technology across industries and regions. Recognising that the adoption of technology was pivotal for success, Zluri set out on a mission to simplify the world’s transition to Software as a Service (SaaS).

The Vision of Simplification

In an era where technology was rapidly evolving into a utility provided through subscription models, Zluri envisioned a world where businesses of all sizes could efficiently adopt and manage their software stack through a single, intelligent dashboard. The affordability and accessibility of software had ushered in a democratisation of innovation, and Zluri aimed to be at the forefront of this revolution.

Trusted Globally

With a commitment to innovation, dependability, and scalability, Zluri has garnered the trust of over 250 global customers. The platform focuses on providing solutions that optimise SaaS usage, ensure compliance, and enhance identity governance practices.

Empowering IT and Security Teams with SaaS

Zluri’s cloud-native SaaSOps platform specialises in SaaS Management and Identity Governance, catering to the needs of modern enterprises. The platform empowers IT and Security teams by offering tools that provide visibility into their landscape. Zluri enables these teams to unlock recurring cost savings and securely govern access through provisioning and de-provisioning. The technology behind Zluri includes a robust discovery engine, an integrated Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS), and evolving artificial intelligence (AI), making it a comprehensive solution for navigating and controlling complex SaaS ecosystems.

Comprehensive SaaS Management in South Africa and Beyond

At its core, Zluri is a data-driven enterprise platform that simplifies the discovery, management, optimisation, and compliance of an organisation’s SaaS stack. This gem assists organisations in uncovering their complete ecosystem, identifying duplicate, unused, and underused applications, and streamlining apps with overlapping functions, ultimately eliminating wastage.

Zluri goes a step further by automating various IT tasks, including procurement, app onboarding, offboarding, and contract renewals. The platform enhances the security of their ecosystems by discovering unapproved apps, removing unsecured ones, and mitigating compliance risks.