In the ever-evolving tech landscape, where effective Software as a Service (SaaS) and Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) management is paramount, Zluri stands out as a cutting-edge platform offering robust solutions. Let’s explore the key features of Zluri’s two core products: SaaS Management and Identity Governance & Administration, focusing on how they simplify complex tasks.

Streamlining SaaS Management:

  1. SaaS Discovery Made Simple:
    • Zluri’s SaaS Management solution provides user-friendly tools for seamless discovery and management of every application in your organisation’s software stack.
    • Ensure no SaaS app goes unnoticed with an intuitive interface.
  2. Cost Optimisation Effortlessly Achieved:
    • Zluri empowers you to make data-driven decisions, ensuring every dollar spent on SaaS applications is optimized for maximum value.
    • Streamline the process of handling licenses, renewals, and app-related tasks effortlessly with centralized app management.
  3. Usage-Based License & App Optimisation Simplified:
    • Zluri goes beyond app management by optimising usage. Deep usage-based optimisation reduces costs and eliminates redundant applications effortlessly.
  4. Forecast Licenses & Savings with AI:
    • Utilize Zluri’s deep learning models and AI to estimate future license needs, avoiding unnecessary expenses and maximizing savings.
    • Simplify contract management by categorizing and mapping licenses with a centralized approach.
  5. 360° Visibility for Simplified Decision-Making:
    • Zluri’s SaaS Management provides a consolidated view, simplifying data-driven decision-making by managing apps, users, and spending on a single platform.
  6. Largest Integration Network:
    • Explore Zluri’s versatile platform with a vast integration network, offering solutions for Application Discovery, Cost Optimization, SaaS Management, and more.
    • Zluri has got you covered for all your SaaS management needs with the largest integration network in the market.

Governing Access with Identity Governance & Administration:

  1. Comprehensive Lifecycle Management:
    • Zluri’s IGA solution simplifies the lifecycle management of user identities, ensuring accurate and timely access changes.
  2. Effortless Access Requests:
    • The IGA platform includes an intuitive ‘App Store’ for access requests, streamlining the process and making it convenient for employees.
  3. Automated Access Reviews with AI:
    • Save time with Zluri’s AI-assisted access reviews, automating the review process and ensuring compliance with set policies.
  4. Automate Provisioning & Deprovisioning:
    • Zluri ties app access to employee status changes, guaranteeing seamless transitions and simplified access management.
  5. AI-Governed Access Automation:
    • Define controls, create rules and policies, and orchestrate access with ease through Zluri’s no-code workflows, all governed by AI for compliance assurance.
  6. Scheduled Certifications for Continuous Compliance:
    • Zluri’s IGA solution enables proactive compliance with scheduled access campaigns and reviews, avoiding last-minute access reviews.
  7. Enterprise ‘App Store’ for Access Requests:
    • Streamline the access request process with an intuitive ‘App Store’ interface, making it simple for users to request access effortlessly.
  8. Simplify Access Grants/Rejects on Slack:
    • Take modern IGA a step further with Zluri, allowing approvers to take quick actions on Slack, expediting the access-granting process.
  9. Largest Integration Network: