In the fast-paced world of business, where time is money, streamlining operations and minimising time-consuming tasks are crucial for success. Zluri, the intelligent lifecycle management platform, offers a scalable solution to save IT teams valuable time and energy, enhancing efficiency while reducing errors.

The Employee Lifecycle Challenge

As your organisation grows, managing the lifecycle of each employee becomes increasingly complex. New hires, role changes, and employee departures all demand meticulous attention. With teams spread globally, coordinating these transitions efficiently is a daunting task. Enter Zluri, a platform designed to automate and streamline the entire employee lifecycle, from onboarding to mid-lifecycle to offboarding.

Onboarding Simplified

Onboarding new employees is a critical process that often involves coordination between HR and IT teams. Zluri simplifies this by offering a library of over 225,000 apps and seamless integration with HRMS such as Zoho Recruit and Bamboo HR. With Zluri’s intuitive interface and workflow automation, creating onboarding processes is a breeze. Contextual app recommendations and intelligent in-app suggestions ensure new employees have the tools they need for success from day one.

Mid-Lifecycle Agility

In the dynamic environment of a growing organisation, employees experience role changes, promotions, or shifts. For larger enterprises, relying on manual processes or spreadsheets becomes impractical. Zluri’s Employee App Store provides a solution, allowing employees to independently access and request apps based on their department. This decentralised approach enhances transparency, reducing the need for time-consuming approval processes.

Efficient Offboarding

When it’s time for an employee to leave the organisation, Zluri ensures a secure and compliant offboarding process. Automating the deprovisioning of app access with a single click simplifies the task. Zluri’s offboarding process also includes streamlined data retrieval and reassignment, safeguarding valuable information and ensuring a seamless transition.

The Power of Automation

Zluri’s Lifecycle Management offering transforms the way organisations handle their processes. Customisable automation capabilities empower users to create workflows that fit their unique needs, replacing manual tasks with efficient playbooks. With Zluri, every aspect of the employee lifecycle can be controlled from a single dashboard, saving time and resources. The platform’s three-level approval hierarchy and the employee app store provide transparency and autonomy, further enhancing the overall experience.